“By the way” rally paper organized by the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate

The Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate organized a rally paper entitled “by the way” sponsored by the Minister of Information Mr. Melhem Al-Riachi, in cooperation with the municipality of Hazmieh. The rally started in front of Hazmieh Municipality where Mayor Jean Asmar and President Patrick Nacouzzi gave the starting signal to the contestants that roamed the region reaching Jbeil, passing also by Beirut, and then returning to the ending point in the municipality.

“What’s in a Portfolio?”

“What’s in a Portfolio?” was organised by the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate that aims to answer questions from young designers and fresh graduates regarding their creative portfolios and how to get hired.

Techtype, a workshop by the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate

Emerging from their concern to promote the business of design , the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate organized a workshop entitled  "Techtype", on Saturday July 9th, 2016 from 9.30 am till 6:00 pm, in the Informational International Conference Room - 4th fl, Al Nahar building


The syndicate was founded in 1976 according to a resolution that was issued by the Minister of Labor Mr.Ghassan Tueini with the help of a number of veteran associates who worked in what was named Press Design. The first constitutive organization was formed of the associates: Joseph Naser, Michel Rihan, Dib Imad, Elie Mensa and Georges Berberi.

In 2003 a number of associates revived the syndicate under the name Lebanese Press Design Syndicate. Today due to the revolution of the technology that was introduced to the world of business in the last century we had to keep...




LGDS seminar at LIU university

A delegation from the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate including the president Patrick Nacouzi and the board members Naser Kawas, Rihab Zebian and Maria Dermossessian, delivered a lecture under the invitation of LIU University in Beirut about the syndicate,

LGDS seminar at AUL university

In collaboration with AUL university’s Graphic Design department, the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate organized a seminar - at the university’s campus in Beirut - that discussed numerous topics, including LGDS’s ambitions, projects and activities, in addition to the benefits of joining the syndicate. AUL was represented by Dr Cherif Chehab and Sarah Hamawi, while lectures were given by Ernest Baaklini, Nisrine Al Amine Hicham Al Natour and Mohammad Ezzeddine

The Syndicate appoints new representative in the South

During its most recent meeting, which took place on October 7, 2017, the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate assembly appointed Mohammad Roda Ezzeldine as its new representative in the South. Syndicate members are kindly asked to cooperate with Mr. Ezzeldine and make his job easier. Congratulations!

Nominating our associate Christelle Souaiby as the Union representative in Bekaa.

On the first Saturday of July 2017, the Union council of the "Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate" held its periodic meeting at the Union headquarters in Hazmieh. It also adopted unanimously a resolution appointing our colleague Christelle Chehab Souaiby the delegate of the Union in Bekaa.



Patrick Nacouzi
Ali Kamal Eddine
Vice President
Ernest Baaklini
Fadi Khattar
Nasser Kawass
Media Adviser
Maria Dermosessian
Foreign relation
Elena el-Khawand
Public Relation
Rihab Zebian
Universities Coordinator
Hisham Natour
karine Shraim
Nisrine El-Amine
Master of Ceremonies
Joseph hajj Assaf
Production Manager


LGDS: 00961 71 991 399
Patrick Nacouzi: 00961 3 453 260
Ernest Baaklini: 00961 3 545 950