“By the way” rally paper organized by the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate

The Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate organized a rally paper entitled “by the way” sponsored by the Minister of Information Mr. Melhem Al-Riachi, in cooperation with the municipality of Hazmieh. The rally started in front of Hazmieh Municipality where Mayor Jean Asmar and President Patrick Nacouzzi gave the starting signal to the contestants that roamed the region reaching Jbeil, passing also by Beirut, and then returning to the ending point in the municipality.

Winners of the rally were:

Marc Jazini and Vanessa Masouh in first place.

Nelly and Hanan Elias in second place.

Rita Nacouzi and Samer El Beissari in third place.

Cups and prizes were handed over by Representative of the Minister of Information Maysaa Al-Ashkar, Deputy Mayor Sheikh Youssef Hobeish and LGDS President Patrick Nacouzi.

In conclusion, Deputy Mayor Sheikh Youssef Hobeish and LGDS President Patrick Nacouzi gave speeches in which they highlighted the need to give sports a great importance in our societies and to avoid division as much as possible.

The first prize was very valuable and it was one thousand dollars offered by the municipality of Hazmieh.

LGDS: 00961 71 991 399
Patrick Nacouzi: 00961 3 453 260
Ernest Baaklini: 00961 3 545 950